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5 Tips on how to treat your life like you are still at school!

I like to think back to my days at school and ponder how, in a way, the system got it right. Let me explain.

Remember how we all used to have different classes? We had science, history, English literature, religious studies, French, geography, art, music and physical education to name but a few. It got me to thinking how varied and broad the education we got was and how the varied subjects kept it interesting. You utilized different parts of your brain and lived a balanced life.

As we got older we became more and more specialized. Some of us went on to study law or medicine. Some studied engineering or science and others trained in trades such as carpentry or plumbing. We lost the balanced approach to our learning and our lives. Some of us let the physical exercise go by the road side, others stopped reading for pleasure and others even stopped learning all together.

In my humble opinion, if we model our lives on the structure of how we were educated as children, our lives would be a lot more balanced. We would constantly be learning. We would try new things and learn a wide range of skills. We would appreciate literature, music, science and history - even more now than when we were kids. We would have our own phys. ed. classes were we wouldn't have to feel like we are competing with everyone else - it would be enough just to BE active. Here are some of my tips on how we would re-capture that spark of life that was learning and being educated.

1) Create your own time table for the week.

Make time for learning. Schedule in some time for learning or reading something new. Schedule in some time for exercise or listening to some music you wouldn’t normally listen to. If you actually make the effort to schedule like your school used to do for you - you might actually find the time to learn.

2) Make your own physical education class.

Some of the sports we were made to do - I hated! I also hated gym class as I was never very good compared to my classmates. Well you know what? Now that you are an adult you don't have to compare yourself to others. You can pick physical activities and sports that you enjoy and that you might actually stick with!

3) Make your own art or music class.

Again you don't need to worry what other people think of your painting, sketching or drawing. Do it for you and let your creativity flow. We all have it! Learn any musical instrument you want. I have started learning guitar again and it doesn’t matter that I can only play a few chords. I can play Johnny Cash’s “A boy named Sue” as is only three chords!

4) Make up your own syllabus.

You are the school principal. You are the head coach, the English, history or science teacher. You make up a learning time table that suits you. It can be as heavy or light a schedule as you want. Imaging the fun you could have had if you could do that in school!

5) Keep it varied and keep it balanced.

Keep your new school time table varied and balanced. Leave time for physical exercise and relaxation. Keep the subjects you choose varied so you use different parts of your brain i.e. the logical part or the artistic part for example. Most of all have fun with it!

I hope this helps to inspire you to begin a path of life long learning. I really believe if you live your life this way you will start living your life to the full!

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